Custom Movement Packages

Green Heiress offers answers to Pittsburgh beginner yogi's questions.Want to try yoga, but aren’t sure where to start? Does the typical yoga studio environment intimidate you in some way? Green Heiress might be able to help. We have created a custom program where you and your group of any size from 2-20 can take a yoga class designed just for you in a beautiful, private space.

Studies show that yoga and meditation reduce stress, improve focus, promote weight loss, boost the immune system and help people feel more productive and energized. And it’s easier to integrate into your life than you think! At Green Heiress, we want to help students feel better in their bodies and their minds.

That’s why we created our Boutique Yoga Program! We realized that we had the expertise and space to reach out to the community in new and innovative ways. So, we created a team that is dedicated to serving you. We hope you will consider incorporating yoga and meditation into your group’s routine, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Group classes are offered in 4 or 6 week packages. Custom one-time class rates are available as well! Schedule your Boutique Yoga class during a time slot that best meets your schedule.

For more information, please email or call us at 412-632-4013.

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